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We were founded over a decade ago by funeral directors, and former directors, with over 120 years combined experience in funeral service. We also have over five decades combined experience in the insurance industry. Our goal was to merge that experience and bring a unique and much needed alternative to funeral service and the families they serve.

Dedicated to serving funeral homes, and those that they serve.




We are experiencing tremendous growth by providing unmatched insight, service and support to an ever growing number of funeral homes. We are also helping our customers link with key attorneys, financial planners, investment advisors, and insurance agencies in their market. These relationships are building a healthier, more complete approach to pre-need. More families are aware of the benefits and more and more professionals are involved in helping families pre-arrange with the funeral homes we serve.

In addition, we have aggressively recruited social media, marketing and networking professionals into our group. This has put us in a great position to assist funeral homes in facing, perhaps, the most critical forefront in funeral service. We are helping these businesses maintain, grow and improve experiences for families they serve or will soon serve.


We certainly see the challenges facing funeral service today. However, we are more excited by the opportunities that face those willing to commit to some new approaches to funeral service. Our entire focus is on helping our customers create and capitalize on those opportunities. With our team and experience, there is no company positioned to help those connected to funeral service like we are.


Simple philosophy families are better off when the funeral of someone they love has been pre-arranged and pre-funded.

Smart our process is the result of decades of successful pre-need experience.

Secure knowing we've done our homework. For years, we have researched and worked with the top trusts and highest rated insurance companies.


To provide the best options to our customers for superior growth.

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