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 Your business and those you serve deserve the best options.

we have partnered with secure and trusted financial companies. We advise and will assist you with using these companies where they are strongest for the individual and you.
Funeral homes working with our team, generally, will choose one or two of our partnered companies to compliment their business.

Thus, creating a portfolio that works best to achieve their business goals. 

IF... you are unsure what you are averaging, this is common, 

contact us!

IF... you are not averaging 3.12% per year after five years (75 year old) or 4.15% after five years (65 year old) on your pre-need investments, then we can help! 

No financial or investment advisor would recommend the same investments to a seventy year old, as they would to a fifty year old....
We agree.

No Insurance License?  No Problem.

Busy Schedule? No Problem.

We've made it simple...
Reach out to us and learn how we make this easy

Our partnered companies perform very well on their own but when you know which ones to use in each situation, you can turn a good return into an even better one. Age, payment method, and health are important factors to consider when deciding where to invest your pre-need for the best performance. We've done all the hard stuff, so you don't need to. Life Planning Group has made seemingly complex decisions easy, the results speak for themselves. 

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