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Erica Warish

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Phone: 774-226-6631

Erica has a diverse professional background. As the most recent addition to the Life Planning Group team she brings creative and innovative approaches to problem solving and marketing tactics that have an upper hand with ever changing times.


From an early age, Warish was brought up around the funeral home industry. She is passionate about bringing new unique approaches that drive sales and company image to businesses within an industry that seemingly hasn't progressed with the times. 

Erica specializes in media outreach, marketing, and IT solutions. She is a licensed Life Insurance Producer in Massachusetts. In the past she has held multiple sales & marketing positions, successfully aiding businesses to amp sales and trafficking, and solidifying name recognition and customer base for newly launched businesses with low marketing budgets.

Warish graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2016 with a degree in Business Entrepreneurial Studies, where she also studied Environmental Horticulture. 

In her spare time Erica enjoys outdoor activities, the gym, and painting. She has a love for animals, wine, and classic rock Warish currently resides in Raynham, MA.

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